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Advance Praise for
How the Age of Transparency Will Revolutionize Business
by Don Tapscott and David Ticoll



"The Naked Corporation argues, beautifully and persuasively, that there is no contradiction between good business and the values of honesty and openness.
This book belongs in the briefcase of every right-thinking manager in the country."
-Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point

"Don Tapscott and David Ticoll hit the bulls-eye with The Naked Corporation. The demand for openness and candor has never been greater. The Naked Corporation is a leadership toolkit for turning the relentless demand for transparency from threat to advantage."
-A.G. Lafley, Chairman, President and Chief Executive, Procter & Gamble

"They've done it again. Tapscott and Ticoll's capacity to combine a fresh and authentic perspective with real world data has once again opened the aperture on our emerging networked economy. A brilliant work."
-Dr. Eric Schmidt, Chairman and CEO, Google, Inc.

"Transparency impacts everything from strategy to culture, as well as a corporation's relationship with its various stakeholders. The Naked Corporation is a breakthrough - a timely and excellent perspective on successfully operating in today's open environment."
-Gordon Nixon, President and CEO, RBC Financial Group

"The word naked can mean exposed - and not many businesses enjoy that thought. But times are changing fast. The Naked Corporation demonstrates convincingly that, from now on, candor and transparency will be the essential foundations of trust; and that trust will be the key ingredient of success. Any corporation failing to heed this book's important message may find itself very exposed indeed."
-Sir Martin Sorrell, Group Chairman and CEO, WPP

"A rare thing these days -- a business book with a profound and important new idea. The Naked Corporation explains how a new force is changing the corporation and competitiveness. There are relevant, sometimes jarring insights in every chapter. And what a great read."
-Indra Nooyi, President & CFO of PepsiCo, Inc.

"Transparency is key to any company wishing to gain consumers' and shareholders' trust. Being transparent in how you operate your business is liberating; it frees you up to focus on long-term business strategy. The Naked Corporation gives the how-to. Now, it's up to all of us to build transparency into our corporate culture."
-Glenn M. Renwick, CEO, The Progressive Corporation

"Tapscott and Ticoll are ahead of the wave. The era of transparency and all its implications are about to crash down on corporations everywhere. The Naked Corporation is the first survival guide."
-Paul Taaffe, Chief Executive Officer, Hill and Knowlton

"A well-researched and timely book. The authors show how trust - powered by broad corporate transparency - isn't just about ethics, it is about success."
-John Chambers, President and CEO, Cisco Systems

"We need a corporate philosophy for the 21st century. Tapscott and Ticoll's book The Naked Corporation provides this -- not only the rationale for a transparent corporation but also the principles of leadership in an open world."
-Klaus Schwab, Founder and President, World Economic Forum

"Tapscott and Ticoll show, with abundant recent cogent examples, how concealment of truth is at the core of many corporate problems. Their solution is straight forward, clearly written and compelling. You should read this book - more, you should buy it, as you will want to refer to it frequently."
-Robert A.G. Monks, author of The New Global Investors, co-author of Power and Accountability and Watching the Watchers

"The internet has spawned a new era of openness and transparency that has turned the power relationship between corporations and stakeholders on its head. Tapscott and Ticoll offer compelling insights into how to manage change and succeed in an increasingly networked world."
-Debra Dunn, Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Hewlett-Packard Company

"Tomorrow's markets will be x-ray environments. The Naked Corporation brims with priceless advice for business leaders determined to survive and thrive in this see-through world order."
-John Elkington, Chair, SustainAbility

"Every organization needs new kinds of leadership to meet the urgent challenge of sustainable development. Tapscott and Ticoll powerfully demonstrate how transparency is essential to making this new leadership possible."
-Ernst Ligteringen, Chief Executive, Global Reporting Initiative

"Tapscott and Ticoll make an important contribution to the definition and practice of corporate citizenship - a critically important topic for the 21st century corporation. Their identification of transparency as the central tenet and organizing principle of productive citizenship is a powerful insight."
-Roger Martin, Dean, Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

"At a time when trust in business is so low, Tapscott and Ticoll demonstrate that
honesty is not only the best policy, but the best strategy."
-Richard E. Cavanagh, President and CEO, The Conference Board, Inc.

"The Naked Corporation is a must read for corporate directors and sets the agenda for corporate governance in the 21st century."
-Beverly Topping, President and CEO, Institute of Corporate Directors

"This thoughtful, insightful, and eminently readable book promotes corporate transparency with vigor and verve. But it's really about the crying need for honesty and trust in a world betrayed by greed run amok."
-William Dimma, veteran of fifty corporate and forty not-for-profit boards,
author of Excellence in the Boardroom: Best Practices in Corporate Directorship

"Transparency impacts everything from strategy to culture, as well as a corporation's relationship with its various stakeholders. The Naked Corporation is a breakthrough - a timely and excellent perspective on successfully operating in today's open environment."
- Gordon Nixon, President and CEO, RBC Financial Group



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